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func NormalizePage

func NormalizePage(page *model.PdfPage) error

NormalizePage performs the following operations on the passed in page: - Normalize the page rotation.

Rotates the contents of the page according to the Rotate entry, thus
flattening the rotation. The Rotate entry of the page is set to nil.

- Normalize the media box.

If the media box of the page is offsetted (Llx != 0 or Lly != 0),
the contents of the page are translated to (-Llx, -Lly). After
normalization, the media box is updated (Llx and Lly are set to 0 and
Urx and Ury are updated accordingly).

- Normalize the crop box.

The crop box of the page is updated based on the previous operations.

After normalization, the page should look the same if openend using a PDF viewer. NOTE: This function does not normalize annotations, outlines other parts that are not part of the basic geometry and page content streams.