Name Synopsis
unipdf Package unipdf is a comprehensive PDF library for Go (golang).
v3 Package unipdf is a comprehensive PDF library for Go (golang).
annotator Package annotator provides an interface for creating annotations with appearance streams.
common Package common contains common properties used by the subpackages.
license Package license helps manage commercial licenses and check if they are valid for the version of unipdf used.
contentstream Package contentstream provides functionality for parsing and creating content streams for PDF files.
draw Package draw has handy features for defining paths which can be used to draw content on a PDF page.
core Package core defines and implements the primitive PDF object types in golang, and provides functionality for parsing those from a PDF file stream.
creator Package creator is used for quickly generating pages and content with a simple interface.
extractor Package extractor is used for quickly extracting PDF content through a simple interface.
fdf Package fdf provides support for loading form field data from Form Field Data (FDF) files.
fjson Package fjson provides support for loading PDF form field data from JSON data/files.
model Package model provides an interface for working with high-level objects (models) in PDF files, including reading and writing documents.
tests Package tests provides integration tests for the UniPDF optimizer.
pdfa Package pdfa provides abstraction to optimize and verify documents with respect to the PDF/A standards.
sighandler Package sighandler implements digital signature handlers for PDF signature validation and signing.
xmputil Package xmputil provides abstraction used by the pdf document XMP Metadata.
ps Package ps implements various functionalities needed for handling Postscript for PDF uses, in particular for PDF function type 4.