Package fdf

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Package fdf provides support for loading form field data from Form Field Data (FDF) files.

type Data

Data represents forms data format (FDF) file data.

type Data struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func Load

func Load(r io.ReadSeeker) (*Data, error)

Load loads FDF form data from `r`.

func LoadFromPath

func LoadFromPath(fdfPath string) (*Data, error)

LoadFromPath loads FDF form data from file path `fdfPath`.

func (*Data) FieldDictionaries

func (fdf *Data) FieldDictionaries() (map[string]*core.PdfObjectDictionary, error)

FieldDictionaries returns a map of field names to field dictionaries.

func (*Data) FieldValues

func (fdf *Data) FieldValues() (map[string]core.PdfObject, error)

FieldValues implements interface model.FieldValueProvider. Returns a map of field names to values (PdfObjects).