Package license

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Package license helps manage commercial licenses and check if they are valid for the version of unipdf used.


License tiers.

const (
    LicenseTierUnlicensed = license.LicenseTierUnlicensed
    LicenseTierCommunity  = license.LicenseTierCommunity
    LicenseTierIndividual = license.LicenseTierIndividual
    LicenseTierBusiness   = license.LicenseTierBusiness

func GetMeteredState

func GetMeteredState() (license.MeteredStatus, error)

GetMeteredState checks the currently used metered document usage status, documents used and credits available.

func SetLicenseKey

func SetLicenseKey(content string, customerName string) error

SetLicenseKey sets and validates the license key.

func SetMeteredKey

func SetMeteredKey(apiKey string) error

SetMeteredKey sets the metered API key required for SaaS operation. Document usage is reported periodically for the product to function correctly.

func SetMeteredKeyPersistentCache

func SetMeteredKeyPersistentCache(val bool)

SetMeteredKeyPersistentCache sets the metered License API Key persistent cache. Default value 'true', set to `false` will report the usage immediately to license server, this can be used when there's no access to persistent data storage.

type LicenseKey

LicenseKey represents a loaded license key.

type LicenseKey = license.LicenseKey

func GetLicenseKey

func GetLicenseKey() *LicenseKey

GetLicenseKey returns the currently loaded license key.

func MakeUnlicensedKey

func MakeUnlicensedKey() *LicenseKey

MakeUnlicensedKey returns a default key.